We take workplace violence seriously, and to support our policy and expectations, we have prepared a Practical Preparedness for Workplace Violence training course for employees. This new training course is available on-line through the NCI at Frederick training portal. Expectations for taking this training are outlined below.

Leidos Biomedical Research Employees

This training is mandatory for all Leidos Biomedical Research, Inc. employees. During the month of July, Directorates are expected to provide this training to employees in group settings where the materials can be reviewed and discussed amongst workgroups. Training rosters must be completed and returned to EHS at EHS@mail.nih.gov.

For employees unable to attend the group training, they may take the course on-line; however, it is strongly advised to attend a group session if possible. All employees must complete the training by August 30, 2014.

NCI and Other Contractor Employees

At this time, training for non-Leidos employees working at any of the NCI in Frederick facilities, to include the main campus, ATRF, VPP, Wedgewood, and others is strongly encouraged, but optional unless directed by your management.

More information can be found on our Workplace Violence webpage. Please contact EHS at 301-846-1451 or EHS@mail.nih.gov if you have any questions or feedback regarding the course materials.