Save the Date - Wednesday June 25th, 2014!

"The most important thing we need now are ideas for new programs and increased participation from the community..."
Julie Hartman, Former TYCWD Chair



Variety of Programs Appeals to Children

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June 25th is the date for the NCI at Frederick and Fort Detrick Take Your Child to Work Day. This annual event allows your children to get a glimpse of some of the important work you do every day to support our mission. Registration for children is open from May 21 until June 13.

Last year, 15 programs were available from laboratory or other work groups, in addition to the more than 19 activities that took place in the “Hub” outside of Building 538, the “Science Room” in 426, and the lobby of Building 549.

Children were shown “chemistry magic”; held exotic insects; held and fed laboratory mice; explored the world of white blood cells and cells that glow in the dark; looked through powerful microscopes; handled a human brain; learned about recycling and waste management; and more.

The purpose of the program is to inspire the next generation of scientific investigators, administrators, and support personnel.

What's New

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Last year we had the pleasure of launching our new and improved web site. To make registration more seamless across campus, NIH login was implemented. If you do not have an NIH login, you can create a MyNCI-F account. This is very similar to how registration for the Spring Research Festival works. For more information, check our Help page.

We now also provide a customized registration dashboard. Once you have registration for anything within our system, you will have access to a one stop shop that displays all your pertinent registration information.

Need Help Preparing a Program?

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If you or anyone you know would be willing to open their office, work area, or laboratory to our children, please let us know. Often, employees would like to participate, but they don't know what type of activity they could provide. We have representatives on the TYCTWD Planning Committee who will help you plan your activity; you can contact them by simply sending an e-mail to tyctwd@mail.nih.gov or by calling 301-846-6878. In many instances, they can also provide an area in which you can present your program if your work area/lab is not accessible to visitors. Without sponsored programs, we could not hold the event, so your participation is critical. The number of children participating is increasing each year, but the number of sponsored programs is not.

Visit the Take Your Child to Work Day website for more information.