Conference Room

The first steps in getting your conference or meeting approved are to complete the Request for Conference form (RFC) and the HHS Conference/Meeting Approval form. The HHS Conference/Meeting Approval form needs to be sent to NIH/OD for approval. The RFC form needs to be completed and returned in order to submit for Operational and Technical Support (OTS) Contract required approvals, referred to as a COA.

If you are planning on having refreshment at the meeting, the NIH 2408 Light Refreshment form will also need to be completed. Our conference planners will work with you to get the necessary catering quotes that are needed in order to sumbit for approval.

If you have decided that your meeting would be better suited off campus then an NIH 827 form will need to be completed. Again, our conference planner will work with you to get the necessary quotes for submission.

Once the requestor has received COA approval and you have received HHS conference/meeting approval you are ready to move forward with the planning and organizing of your conference.