Help / Event Quick Guide

Event Date:Wednesday, June 27th, 2018
Event Time: 8:00am - 3:00pm
Event Location: All activities begin at the Hub, located in the lawn area along Chandler and Wood Streets.

Login & Registration

Program, Hub, Volunteer and Child registration must be completed and submitted through our online system.

To register your child for the event, you will need to login using your NIH account. All NCI, NCI at Frederick and Frederick National Lab employees are provided an account when they are hired. If you do not know if you have an account, or have forgotten your account information, please use the link below:

If you do not have an NIH account, no problem. You can login using MyNCI-F. If you have attended the Spring Research Festival in previous years, you may already have an account. Make sure to read all of the account creation instructions carefully in order to ensure that your account is created quickly and successfully. If you have any questions about creating or updating a MyNCI-F account please contact the webmaster at, or you may use the links below:

How to Register a Child

  1. Before You Begin

    When you click on the Begin Registration button, you will be asked to add a chaperone before you can add your children.
    1. Add Chaperone

      When you first enter this page your "Add Chaperone" fields will be pre-filled with your credentials. You must select "agency" then click on the Save button to add yourself as the first chaperone.
    2. Review Chaperone Information

      It is important that all registration information is correct, including agency.
    3. Edit Chaperone Information

      Chaperone information may be edited at any time by clicking on the Edit link or icon.
    4. Add New Chaperone

      A new chaperone can be added at any time by clicking on the "Add New Chaperone" button. Additional chaperones will be needed if you are registering more than one child and the children would like to participate in different programs.
    5. Next Step

      Click on the "Add Children" button to start registering your child.
  2. Add a Child

    1. Enter Name

      Enter the attending child's first and last name.
    2. Enter Age

      Select the child's age. Many programs have specific age criteria; therefore, this is a required field.
    3. Select Chaperone

      Select chaperone from the drop select box. If you need to add another Chaperone, click on the "Edit Chaperones" button on the bottom of the page.
    4. Save

      Click on the Save button. Your information is not saved until this action has been taken.
    5. Add Another Child

      Once you have saved the first child, you may add another attendee at any time by clicking on the "Add Another Child" button.
    6. Next Step

      Click on the "Select Programs" button to continue with registration.
  3. Select Programs

    Once you have added your child or children, you will be required to complete the program selection process. If you selected to attend Hub Activities Only, you will see the message "This group is only attending Hub activities" message.
    1. Select Programs

      Click on the "Edit Preferences" button to see the full list of program options for your group. You will be required to select at least 3 options for your group, though you it is recommended you select more in case your preferred are unavailable.
    2. Save Selected Preferences

      Click on the "Save Preferences" button to save preference selection. If you wish to attend Hub Activities only, check the box that says "Check here if this group will not be attending any programs (hub activities only)."
    3. Next Step

      Click on the "Confirm Registration" to review group information and confirm program preference selection.
  4. Confirm Your Registration

    It is important that carefully review your information before submitting your registration to ensure smooth check-in on the day of the event.
    1. Review Information

      Review the information provided, including child names, selected sessions and program preferences.
    2. Edit Information

      You may edit any information by clicking on the "Edit Programs" button. You will have to return to each step of the process to edit those sections of information.
    3. Submit Registration

      Click on the "Submit Registration" button to complete the registration process.
  5. Registration Confirmation

    If your registration was submitted successfully you will see a confirmation page and receive an e-mail. Remember that program matching and itinerary creation does not happen until AFTER registration closes.