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Government And Contractor Interactions at NCI-Frederick

Our mission is to provide a unique national resource for the development of new technologies and the translation of basic science discoveries into novel agents for the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of Cancer and AIDS.

Working at the NCI-Frederick is a unique experience for both Government and Contractor employees. It is the only Federally Funded Research and Development Center, (FFRDC) within HHS and it is a Government Owned, but Contractor Operated (GOCO) facility. Given the close working relationships between Government and Contractor employees in all facets of everyday operations, Policy and Procedure 101 (P&P 101) is essential information for any employee who works here; new or experienced, Government or Contractor, management or staff. P&P 101 provides the basics to ensure appropriate, professional interactions occur between Government and Contractor employees at the NCI-Frederick and its surrounding operations where Contractor support is provided.

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