iLibrarian Services

Librarians are here for you where and when you need help!

The iLibrarian Service (previously known as the Laptop Librarian service) is evolving to an integrated, embedded model focused on building intuitive knowledge and strong partnerships with our customers. Librarian assisted research services are customized to your information needs, with a format tailored to you. Librarians are also available to collaborate with you on products and services unique to you or your team.

Need help? Contact us to answer your question or ask for research assistance.  These are only a few examples of questions that our librarians can answer:

  • How do I find this patent?
  • Can you help me find company information and provide it formatted in a spreadsheet?
  • Why can't I find more articles on ___________?
  • Why won't EndNote/Reference Manager format my documents?
  • Can PubMed search my topic automatically every week and send me results via email?
  • I need background research for a new project, can you help?
  • Can you provide me information and keep me up-to-date on the latest developments on a certain topic?
  • I need an infographic, can you develop one for me?