Book Swap Now Open to All Employees

By Robin Meckley, Contributing Writer, and Pam Noble, Guest Writer; photos by Richard Frederickson, Staff Photographer
woman browsing books on a shelf

Book Swap attendees browse the stacks of donated books on Nov. 12, the first day the swap was opened to all staff.

Not only did the year 2000 mark the start of a new millennium, the beginning of the Human Genome Project, and the opening of the International Space Station, but it was also the first year that the Scientific Library held its annual Book & Media Swap. Starting Nov. 12, the 15th annual Book Swap is open to all NCI at Frederick employees.

This year, 65 NCI at Frederick employees donated almost 3,000 books to the cause, with many of these employees attending Book Swap kick-off day on Oct. 28. At the end of kick-off day, 894 books were claimed. 

Carrie Belasco, manager of Internal Audit, Leidos Biomedical Research, attended the first day of the Book Swap. “I come every year, and it’s great,” Belasco said. “I want to thank the library staff for holding the book swap again this year. I know it’s a lot of work for them to put this on, and I wanted to let them know that I appreciate it.” 

After kick-off day, the remaining books were moved to the Scientific Library, where they will stay through the end of November. From Nov. 12 to Nov. 30, the Book Swap is open to everyone. Even if you did not donate to the swap, you can visit the library on or after Nov. 12 and select some books to keep. After Nov. 30, all remaining materials will be donated to charity.

Pam Noble is serials technician in the Scientific Library.