Campus Improvement Committee Working to Increase Morale, Productivity

By Mike Addington, Guest Writer; Photos by Richard Frederickson, Staff Photographer
Mike Addington (right) and the Campus Improvement Committee have been working hard to improve the NCI at Frederick campus and provide a pleasant work environment.

Mike Addington (right) and the Campus Improvement Committee are working to provide a pleasant environment at the NCI at Frederick.

The Campus Improvement Committee (CIC) has recently been re-established, with Mike Addington, manager, Operations and Maintenance, as chair.

Addington is excited to be involved in a committee that’s so near and dear to his heart, and he’s a big believer in the value of increasing morale and productivity through an appealing and pleasant work environment. 

Within two days of re-establishing the committee, he had drafted the charter, assembled a team of like-minded volunteers who shared in his vision, generated meeting minutes and discussion topics, and scheduled the first quarterly meeting.

By design, the team has a wide range of talent, experience, and expertise, as well as influence that can help advance the committee’s goals. Addington and his team work tirelessly behind the scenes (as well as on a volunteer basis) to improve the NCI campus and ensure that the infrastructure is both functional and aesthetically pleasing by identifying, evaluating, pricing, and executing the projects or initiatives that have been funded.

Some of the recently completed or in-progress projects include:

  • Tree trimming/pruning and tree replacements
  • Turf repair, seeding, weeding, edging, and trimming
  • Establishment or repair of decorative stone beds
  • Replacement of the 549 café exterior furniture
  • Repair/installation of new sidewalks
  • Curb and gutter repairs
  • Asphalt repairs and street cleaning
  • Installation of new, maintenance-free bollard covers
  • Power washing
  • Installation of concrete pads and new picnic tables across campus
  • Repair/replacement of site signage, as well as replacement of all NCI banner signage

Future projects currently under review or consideration include:

  • Installation of a trellis over the outside dining area of the café
  • Construction of a pavilion with grills that could accommodate group functions or be used for individual enjoyment
  • Design and construction of trash dumpster enclosures
  • Architectural landscape design per building (including installation and ongoing care and maintenance)
  • Flashing crosswalk signage in an effort to increase pedestrian safety

The committee is very appreciative of the commitment and support it has received from NCI leadership and understands the difficulties in securing funding in such a competitive environment, especially one fraught with challenges and tough decisions regarding the allocation of a very limited pool of resources.

The Campus Improvement Committee looks forward to continuing to serve the NCI community at Frederick through the generous support of NCI leadership, who share the committee’s vision and recognize the value of that vision.

The committee gladly welcomes all new input and suggestions. Comments and considerations should be directed to:

Mike Addington
Manager, Operations & Maintenance
Ext. 1195

Bollard cover being installed by Brandon Schildtknecht of FME, one of the Campus Improvement Committee (CIC) projects.