Everyone a Winner at 4th Annual Softball Mini Tournament

By Chris Ohler, Protective Services Officer I; photos by Richard Frederickson, Staff Photographer
A pitch is thrown at the 4th Annual Softball Mini Tournament.

Leidos Biomed and NCI recently held their 4th Annual Softball Mini Tournament.

A relatively low player turnout resulted in teams consisting of Leidos Biomed, NCI at Frederick, and Nymeo Federal Credit Union employees.

The first round of games started at 5:00 p.m. with Red versus Gray facing off on field 1 and White versus Blue on field 2. Teams Red and White triumphed as the victors of their respective matches.

Before the second round, free ice cream, donated by Leidos, was delivered to the field by the Leidos Ice Cream Truck.

During the break, Kanika Sharma commented that she “never played softball before and was having a blast.” 

For the second and final round of games, the White team played the Red team for the overall winner, while the Blue and Gray teams played for fun.

The White team held on to their lead throughout the game to become the overall winner, outscoring the Red team 12-4.

The Blue and Gray teams decided to simply have a fun game of softball instead of being competitive and keeping score. Everyone enjoyed their game, which proved to be a lot of fun for both teams.

“This year seems to be more [focused] on the relaxed and fun side rather than the competitive side,” said David Heimbrook. There was less competition this year compared to years past, which made for a fun evening.

Following the end of the games, pizza and soda were served to finish off the night.

The teams gather for the tournament. The White Team is up to bat. Aptly named “Leidos Scoop,” the ice cream truck provided some much-appreciated cold refreshments to participants and spectators of the 4th Annual NCI and Leidos Biomed softball games. “It was our pleasure to make the trip out to Frederick to visit with Leidos and customer employees who give so much of their time and talent,” said Mike Coogan, Leidos Director of Corporate Responsibility, who drove the truck up from Reston, Virginia. The renovated 1969 vehicle was originally a Good Humor ice cream truck.The Leidos Ice Cream Truck serves refreshments. A player takes a swing. The Red Team is up to bat. A player takes a swing. The Gray and Blue Teams (left to right): Clark Zecher, Keith Zecher, John Stroka, Ashley Shoemaker, Adam Easterly, Laura Cody, Mukul Sherekar, Aaron Huegel, Terri Bray, Lester Williams, Kathy Norris, Norm Lambert, Jackie Scott, Garrett Perkins, Delilah Johnson, Linda C., Woody Smith, Bryan Vaughn, Val Martinez, Mike Spohr, and David Motok.The Red Team (left to right): Tyler Booth, Brad Wiley, Jason Ellis, Shawn Wirth, Deb Householder, Chris Ohler, Matt Hohn, Dave Heimbrook, Dom Esposito, and Jamie Rodriguez.The White Team (left to right): Will Kolb, Mike Eichelberger, Chris Presgraves, Robin Harrington, Kanika Sharma, John Columbus, Johnny Nemoga, Jim Norris, Chris Cordova, and Mike Wiley.The teams mingle after the game. Players help themselves to pizza and soda.