Farmers Market Brings Fresh Produce and Products from Local Vendors

By Carolynne Keenan, Guest Writer
women at the market.

Women at the market.

By Carolynne Keenan, Guest Writer

Every summer, you can shop for fresh fruits, veggies, flowers, honey, and plenty of other homemade goodies at the NCI at Frederick Farmers’ Market.

Buying at the Farmers’ Market means you’re supporting a local farmer, crafter, or other type of vendor. The products are brought to you, so you don’t have to drive to get freshly picked produce and handmade products.

The Market Includes a Variety of Vendors

The Market includes vendors who have been attending for years as well as those who are in their inaugural year of participating.

Thurmont-based Frugalbee, owned by Bruce ‘n’ Kathy Fronek, has been coming to the Farmers’ Market for more than 10 years. Frugalbee offers a selection of honey, candles, and soap, all from their farm, Bruce explained, adding that their products are all completely chemical-free. This includes their new items for sale this summer: fresh potatoes. Frugalbee will be adding greeting cards to their product line in the fall.

Laurie Waltz, co-owner of the Waltz Family Farm, has been participating in the Farmers’ Market for the last three years. “The market offers a wide variety of products by farmers and producers that sell what they grow/raise/make,” she said in an e-mail.

The Waltz Family Farm raises cattle, sheep, and pigs in a free-range environment, Waltz explained. “People keep coming back to purchase our meats because of the quality and flavor.”

Jennifer Ghanayem, of Jennifer’s Freedom Company, is new to the Farmers’ Market. Her company specializes in soy candles, made with 100 percent natural soy wax and hypoallergenic fragrance oils.

Soy candles “burn at a lower temperature and don't release harmful toxins in the air,” Ghanayem said. Her candles, which burn for about 55 hours, are a couple products in one, she explained. “As the soy wax softens, the candles can be used as body oil,” which is great for dry skin.

UnSuk “Sue” Gustafson, owner of Handwoven Baskets and Florals, is also new this year. She handcrafts baskets and offers floral arrangements. “My baskets are handwoven and all my crafts are of the highest quality.”

Serina Roy, owner/roaster of the Frederick-based Dublin Roasters Coffee, Inc., has been coming to the market for the past five years. Her company buys green coffee from small farmers all over the globe, she explained in an e-mail, and helps the farmers get the best price for their quality coffee beans.

“We now have a busy café and store,” Roy said. “We still attend this market because of the friendliness of the vendors and customers.”

John Britt, owner of Slice of Heaven Farm, has been a market vendor for four years. As an employee of Frederick National Laboratory, he can easily bring his farm’s poultry products to the market, he explained.

Farmer's Market

“Our children’s 4-H projects expanded to where we had more than we needed, and Slice of Heaven Farm was born. We have eggs from happy chickens,” Britt said, adding that Slice of Heaven Farm also sells duck eggs.

Jason Brusky, co-owner of Pineline Poultry and Meats, is another first-time vendor this year. His company offers pesticide-free meats and grains. Brusky explained in an e-mail that Pineline Poultry and Meats is part of a 220-acre farm that grows all grains from previous years by harvesting the seeds. Those products are then fed to the animals. “Anyone looking for better health should try some of our products,” Brusky said.

You will find these and many other vendors at the Farmers’ Market every Tuesday from 11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., in the parking lot of Building 549.

Carolynne Keenan is a public affairs specialist, NCI Office of Scientific Operations.