NCI Holds on to Defelice Cup

By Ashley DeVine, Staff Writer; photos by Joe Meyer, Staff Photographer
A group photo with the Defelice Cup trophy

NCI holds on to the Defelice Cup trophy this year after the 10th annual Ronald H. Defelice Golf Tournament. Back row: Denny Dougherty, Dave Heimbrook, and Jim Cherry; front row: Dom Esposito and Craig Hayn.

NCI kept the Defelice Cup trophy this year after beating Leidos Biomedical Research, 15 to 9, at the 10th annual Ronald H. Defelice Golf Tournament held on Columbus Day.

Sixteen players on each team battled it out at the yearly contractor vs. government tournament held at Rattlewood Golf Course in Mount Airy, Md. NCI leads the series 6–4.

“The score was the highest NCI margin of victory in the 10-year series,” said Denny Dougherty, retired senior subcontracts advisor at what was formerly SAIC-Frederick. “The intensity of the annual competition has increased each year and has become a much anticipated event each Columbus Day.”

Dougherty served as team captain for Leidos Biomedical Research, along with Dave Heimbrook, Ph.D., president, Leidos Biomedical Research.

“The NCI team played really well, and certainly deserved the win. My first hole was representative—I managed to score an eagle, and I still lost the hole,” Heimbrook said. “It went downhill from there; just one of those days. However, the weather was gorgeous, the course was in good shape, and there was great camaraderie and sportsmanship throughout the matches. We’re looking forward to next year!”

Team captains for NCI were Jim Cherry, Ph.D., scientific program director, NCI at Frederick, and Marc Foltz, lead administrative officer, Administrative Resource Center, NCI Division of Cancer Treatment and Diagnosis.

In addition to the sunny weather and NCI’s win, Cherry said that a highlight of the event was “we all came together to enjoy each other’s company on a federal holiday.”

The most valuable player (MVP) awards went to Craig Hayn, senior security analyst, NCI, and Dom Esposito, Ph.D., director, Protein Expression Laboratory, Leidos Biomedical Research. Troy Taylor, research associate, Leidos Biomedical Research, received the sportsmanship award.

The tournament is named after Ronald H. Defelice, retired chief of the Management Operations and Support Branch, NCI at Frederick.

Slideshow photos courtesy of Carrie Belasco, Leidos Biomedical Research.

Craig Hayn (left) receives the most valuable player award for the NCI Team from Jim Cherry, one of the team captains. Photo by Joe Meyer, Staff Photographer. Dom Esposito (center) receives the most valuable player award for the Leidos Biomedical Research team from team captains Dave Heimbrook (right) and Denny Dougherty. Photo by Joe Meyer, Staff Photographer. From left: Troy Taylor, Dan Soppet, Henry Ciolino, and Greg Lockhart From left: Tom Pfister, Larry Arthur, Marc Foltz, and Shane Herbert From left: Rick Bedigian, Barry O’Keefe, Scott Keasey, and Larry Sternberg