Ninth Annual Student Science Jeopardy Tournament Set for July 22

By Robin Meckley, Contributing Writer
Students participating in the Jeopardy Tournament

Madelyne Xiao, right, looks on as partner Nikhil Gowda, center, poses the correct question in the Student Science Jeopardy Tournament on July 17, 2014. File photo.

The Scientific Library staff is pleased to announce the return of the annual Student Science Jeopardy Tournament July 22, in the auditorium of Building 549.

The contest will begin at 10 a.m. and will run continuously until its conclusion at approximately 12:45 p.m. A video of the tournament will be broadcast live at the Advanced Technology Research Facility.

Nine two-player teams of high school and college summer students will match wits as they play the popular game “Jeopardy.” Students will use the signaling devices to respond to clues about science and other related subjects in the unique answer-and-question format as they compete to be the first team to answer correctly.  

“What would summers at FNL be without the Scientific Library’s Science Jeopardy,” said Nikhil Gowda, one of last year’s winning team members. “It never ceases to amaze me how knowledgeable and brilliant all the interns are.” 

Registration forms and other important information are available at the Scientific Library’s website.   

Student Science Jeopardy participants from 2014, left to right, front row:  Anna Purtscher, Victoria Baskerville, Madelyne Xiao, Jen Hofmann, Brigdet Njeri; middle row: Julia Kulina, Rebecca Matthews, Vincent Homman, Neil Tiwari, Luxi Qiao, Michael Digles, Similoluwan Adeoye; back row: Katherine Goetz, Anthony Poole, Nikhil Gowda, Theo Nikolaitchik, Avilash Das, Kundan Chintamaneni. File photo.