Poster Puzzler Solution: Full Steam Ahead

By Nathalie Walker, Student Intern; photos by Joe Meyer, Staff Photographer
Kim and Caden Dunham with Nathalie Walker

Congratulations to the Take Your Child to Work Day Poster Puzzler winner!

Kim Dunham, Laboratory of Cell-Mediated Immunity, Clinical Services Program, Leidos Biomedical Research, and her son, Caden, are pictured with Nathalie Walker (right), student intern. Caden correctly identified the Poster Puzzler solution during the 2016 Take Your Child to Work Day event.

The annual Take Your Child to Work Day event included a Poster Puzzler challenge, and this year’s winner is Caden Dunham, son of Kim Dunham, Laboratory of Cell-Mediated Immunity.

The Poster Puzzler challenge asked participants to locate a specific metal wheel connected to a piping system and then correctly identify the eight-digit code associated with the wheel.

Kim said Caden “knew right away where it was” and dragged her there immediately.

The wheel is a shutoff valve used to close off steam to buildings 538, 549, and 550, according to Len Wrona, engineering manager, Facilities Maintenance and Engineering. The valve allows the maintenance team to isolate the piping and make necessary repairs.

For correctly identifying the Puzzler, Caden received a $10 gift card to Subway and Kim received a framed certificate of the Poster Puzzler challenge.