Puzzler Solution: Perfect Weather for a Picnic

By Ashley DeVine, Staff Writer
Tammy Schroyer and Joe Meyer,

We “stumped” you! From left: Tammy Schroyer and Joe Meyer, SPGM staff members, are the creative minds behind the Poster Puzzler feature. Here, they are standing beside the Building 434 picnic table.

It looks like we stumped you. We did not receive any correct guesses for the current Poster Puzzler, which is an image of the top of the Building 434 picnic table, with a view looking towards Building 472. This picnic table and others across campus were supplied by the NCI at Frederick Campus Improvement Committee.Puzzler solution

Building 434, located on Wood Street, is home to the staff of Scientific Publications, Graphics & Media (SPGM), the Central Repository, and the NCI Experimental Therapeutics Program support group, Applied and Developmental Research Directorate.

If you are looking for an outdoor spot to eat lunch this summer, feel free to use the picnic table in front of Building 434.