Take Your Child to Work Day Poster Puzzler

By Chris Worthington, Staff Writer; photo by Joe Meyer, Staff Photographer
Image of the June Poster Puzzler challenge item

What is it? Where is it? 

Your challenge is to find this item and fill in the blanks below from a nearby label or sign. The label/sequence that you're looking for would fit here: "_ _ _ _ - _ - _ _ _". 

Here's one more clue: The item pictured above is in or around the Take Your Child to Work Day hub area!

Kids can win a McDonald's gift certificate, and parents can win a framed photograph of the Poster Puzzler. Their photo will also be featured on the Poster website. Paper entries can be dropped off at the Registration table, centrally located in the hub. Paper entries submitted after June 29 should be sent via inter-office mail to Melissa Porter in Building 427, Room 7. 

You can also email your guess, along with your name, email address, and daytime phone number to poster@mail.nih.gov

All entries must be received by Wednesday, July 6, 2016. The winner will be drawn from all correct answers received by that date.

Good luck and good hunting!