Take Your Child to Work Day Shows Children that Science Is Fun

By Samuel Lopez, staff writer; photos by Christopher Worthington, staff writer, and Sam Lopez
Photo of a child firing a toy rocket at Take Your Child to Work Day 2017

A child fires off a rocket at the 2017 Take Your Child to Work Day.

There’s still time to register your child for NCI at Frederick’s annual Take Your Child to Work Day, which will be held on Wednesday, June 27.

Children who attend will be able to choose from nearly 30 activities this year. Several programs are scheduled to occur at various locations throughout the day, while others will be open on a “come as you please” basis all day long.

New activities have also been added this year, taking their places alongside returning favorites like the popular “Fire Safety,” which boasts a competitive emergency drill and digital fire extinguisher. Another favorite, “Fire and Ice,” is back to give children an up-close view of what happens to food, balloons, and other objects when they’re exposed to extreme heat and cold.

There will also be opportunities for a hands-on look at life in the lab. At “Plant Doctor,” children will have a chance to test plants for infections, while those who visit “Spool Strawberry or Banana DNA” will get to extract and keep DNA from fruit.

Children and parents who want a more relaxing interlude can always stop by the Nymeo booth for Italian ice, then head to the Scientific Library for a children’s book swap and “Story Time from Space,” during which an astronaut on the International Space Station will read a story to the audience.

Take Your Child to Work Day is open to children aged 6–13. Parents who wish to register their child can do so on the event website before 4 p.m. on Monday, June 18.

Teenagers older than 13 and NCI at Frederick staff can still join in the fun by signing up to volunteer for the event, and high school students will receive service learning hours for doing so. Volunteers fulfill vital roles during the day, such as helping with activities and escorting children and their parents to programs.

A child at the 2017 Take Your Child to Work Day. Children at the “Fire and Ice” program during the 2017 Take Your Child to Work Day.