Ten NCI Researchers Among Spring Research Festival Award Winners

By Marie Haughey and Samuel Lopez, Staff Writers; group photo by Joseph Meyer, Staff Photographer; individual awardee photos by Samuel Lopez
A group of NCI researchers posing with their awards

Back row (from left): Matthew Anderson, Michael Boylan, and Tiffany Bellomo. Front row (from left): Alexi Baumgardner, Emma Gergel, and Emine Guven-Maiorov.

In a ceremony at the Fort Detrick Community Activities Center earlier this week, Maj. Gen. Barbara R. Holcomb, the commanding officer of the Fort Detrick garrison, distributed the awards for outstanding presentations and posters at the 2017 Spring Research Festival.

The winners, selected from a field of over 100 festival participants, were recognized for excellence in the combined fields of research concept, experimental quality, display attributes, and overall poster quality and presentation—criteria that evaluated their novelty, clarity, meaningfulness, aesthetics, and professionalism.

Lt. Col. Felicia Langel read the names of the 17 awardees, a group representing the National Cancer Institute, the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the U.S. Army Medical Research and Materiel Command, and the Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research.

Ten of the awardees were from the National Cancer Institute at Frederick. Their names, along with the awards they received, are listed below.




Major General Holcomb and Tiffany Bellomo

Tiffany Bellomo, Outstanding Poster Biochemistry and Molecular Biology


Major General Holcomb and Tauseef Rehman

Tauseef Rehman, Outstanding Poster Detection and Diagnostics


Major General Holcomb and Alexi Baumgardner

Alexi Baumgardner, Outstanding Poster – Developmental and Cell Biology


Major General Holcomb and Emma Gergel

Emma Gergel, Outstanding Poster – Infectious Pathogens and Epidemiology


Major General Holcomb and Emine Guven-Maiorov

Emine Guven-Maiorov, Outstanding Presentation at the Scientific Symposium


Major General Holcomb and Matthew Anderson

Matthew Anderson, Outstanding Presentation at the Scientific Symposium


Major General Holcomb and Michael Boylan

Michael Boylan, Outstanding Presentation at the Scientific Symposium


The following individuals from NCI also won awards but did not attend the ceremony:

Caleb Chen, Outstanding Poster – Emerging Technologies

Lixin Fan, Outstanding Poster – Structural Biology and Chemistry

Yanling Liu, Outstanding Poster – Informatics