2020 Spring Mentor-Mentee Mixer

Mentoring Graphic

The second mixer of the academic year will take place on May 19, 2020 virtually from 2pm – 4pm. Mentoring is a crucial element to success in your career. The FDC Second Mentor Program was developed to help you extend your network and identify additional mentors to help you achieve success in your career. Attendance at our bi-annual mixer will give you a great opportunity to meet with investigators, administrators, and other trainees on campus in an informal setting.

This spring, the Mixer will take place virtually. Similar to past events, there will be informal networking about the following careers: NIH Research Careers, Industry, Academia, and Other Science Related Careers (Tech Transfer, Policy, FDA State Government). Each table will be led by 1-2 investigators or administrators either currently working in or with knowledge of the indicated field. If you are interested in meeting with someone from these particular fields, we highly encourage you to participate!

Please register for the Mentor Mixer at https://events.cancer.gov/fdc/mm so we get an accurate account of who will be attending (both investigators and trainees).

Not sure how to identify a second mentor or what you should say to them? Visit our Guildelines for Finding Second Mentors, as well as our events page to view past seminars about networking and creating elevator pitches to assist with introductions. We hope to see you there!