Important Notice: Employee Communication regarding G-8 Summit

May 16, 2012

With the G-8 Summit coming to Camp David near Thurmont this Friday and Saturday, we anticipate traffic congestion will delay travel to the Frederick National Laboratory. The G-8 event places Frederick on the world stage, and protest activity is planned for Friday and Saturday. Activists have the right to protest peacefully. Area law enforcement officials expect the demonstrations to remain peaceful and ask each of us to avoid confronting demonstrators or engaging in conversations which could result in controversy. Respect the rights of protesters. It is expected that demonstrators will respect our rights and property as well.

Consider telecommuting on Friday, if you are authorized. Expect traffic delays and congestion on US Route 15 from Frederick to the Pennsylvania state line, especially in the Thurmont area. Several roads in that area will be closed. See and for additional information and updates. For non-emergency questions, a public information line has been established at 301-600-3000, or email to If you see something suspicious, say something by contacting local law enforcement or by calling 911.

The Bike to Work Day event is scheduled from 6:45 – 7:30 am Friday from Baker Park to the MARC Transit station. G8 protest activity is scheduled to begin after 10:00 am at Burr Arts Library and Baker Park. No problems are expected due to the scheduled times.

A march from the library and a protest is expected in Baker Park at the band shell area. This may impact US-15 traffic flow. It is recommended to avoid the Baker Park area, and to avoid crowds in other areas as well. Law enforcement officers will be present from other jurisdictions that you do not recognize or know. If there are problems resulting from the actions of protestors, get away, contact law enforcement using 911, and let law enforcement handle any problems.

If there is a crowd at a Ft Detrick gate, use another gate. Individual gates will be closed as needed. Notification of gate changes will be made by email, local radio stations, and the FNL information line at 301-846-1444. Check for updates before leaving home.

Stay informed by listening to local radio and monitoring email.

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