EHS has made available its new Safety Inspection and Issue Management System (SIIMS)

Effective today, EHS has made available to all NCI at Frederick employees its new Safety Inspection and Issue Management System (SIIMS) web application:

SIIMS integrates and streamlines multiple safety processes and makes information available to employees via simple to use web interfaces.

SIIMS is now being used to manage and implement the following processes:

  • Issues and Concerns

    SIIMS provides the ability for ANY employee to submit an issue or concern directly to EHS. EHS will respond and document the resolution within SIIMS. If safety deficiencies are identified, these are tracked within the issue, and the status of the issue is viewable by the employee that submitted the issue and other authorized employees. Issues or concerns that are received via a telephone call or email will also be tracked to closure within SIIMS.

  • Safety Inspections

    EHS conducts formal, documented safety inspections for all spaces and for all emergency eyewashes on an annual basis. SIIMS is used to document inspection findings “real time,” provide results of the inspections to space managers, and track identified safety deficiencies to closure. Employees that have labs assigned to them in the space management system will be able to view their annual inspections related to their spaces.

  • Safety Deficiency Tracking

    SIIMS is used to track all identified safety deficiencies to closure. The status of the deficiency and other pertinent information about the deficiency is viewable in SIIMS and SIIMS tracks the age of the issue to ensure timely closure. If a deficiency is being addressed by FME, the work order associated with the effort is provided and a mechanism for checking work order status is available. Finally, employees tasked with closing safety deficiencies can document the closure within the application.

  • Safety Incident Reporting

    Concurrent with the SIIMS launch, EHS is publishing updated incident reporting procedures. When incidents occur, to include injuries, SIIMS will be used to collect statements from the involved parties, other relevant information from the EHS investigation, and will generate an incident report. This important integration eliminates the complex supervisor injury report form and instead provides a simplified form via a web interface.

SIIMS is important in that it provides a tool for all employees to use in managing safety issues in a streamlined, transparent, and simple to navigate manner. In the near future, we will offer training sessions to employees interested in learning more about the system. In the mean time, if you have any questions, please contact EHS at 301-846-1451.