The Employee Diversity Team Needs You!

By Andrea Frydl, Guest Writer
Uncle Sam pointing his finger.

By Andrea Frydl, Guest Writer

The Employee Diversity Team (EDT) is looking for bright, talented, and committed Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research (FNL) employees—both government and contractor—who want to share in the team’s mission.

EDT’s mission is to create opportunities, sponsor activities, and develop outreach and educational initiatives to:

  • Foster respect for all employees on the FNL campus;
  • Celebrate the rich diversity that age, race, gender, ability, personality, culture, national origin, beliefs, sexual orientation, veteran status, marital status, job classification, and other personal and organizational characteristics bring to the workplace; and
  • Create and maintain a work environment that values differences and similarities in all employees and promotes productivity, work quality, equity, and respectful communication.

Being a member of the team will give you an opportunity to network with your fellow FNL employees and put your skills to use. The EDT needs writers, creative minds, organizers, movers and shakers, and all other personality types—but most importantly, diversity!  If you’re interested in joining or would like more information, contact Andrea Frydl, public affairs specialist (301-846-5382), or Laura Geil, scientific program analyst (301-846-5437).  The EDT meets in Building 549 on the first Thursday of every month from 9 to 10 a.m. 

Coming Soon—2013 Women of FNL

The EDT will again be honoring women in scientific, administrative, supervisory, and support capacities who make a difference while contributing to the FNL mission. The nomination form will be available in January via “List NCI-Events.” The winners will be profiled in the Poster and featured in the EDT’s Building 549 display case during Women’s History Month in March.  

Display Case Winners

Jerry Alexandratos, technical lab manager, Macromolecular Crystallography Laboratory, and Cheryl Bowman, administrative officer, NCI Office of the Director, were the winners of free movie tickets to Regal theaters for correctly answering questions about EDT’s September/October display case exhibit, “Diversity Spices up Our Lives!”

To enter future contests, watch for EDT’s “List NCI-Events” e-mail announcements. Then, answer the short quiz in the e-mail about the EDT display case (located in the front lobby of Building 549) and submit your answers in the box next to the display. If you have questions, contact Frydl or Ethel Armstrong, interlibrary loan manager, Scientific Library (301-846-5843).

Andrea Frydl is a public affairs specialist, Office of Scientific Operations, FNL.