Leidos Reclaims Defelice Cup at Annual Golf Tournament

By Ashley DeVine, Staff Writer
Ronald Defelice hits the first drive

Ronald Defelice, for whom the golf tournament is named, hit the ceremonial first drive of the competition

By Ashley DeVine, Staff Writer

Leidos Biomedical Research reclaimed the Defelice Cup trophy from NCI at the eighth annual Ronald H. Defelice golf tournament, held October 14.

The final score was 15–7, with Leidos Biomed tying the series 4 to 4. Fourteen players on each team battled it out at Rattlewood golf course in Mount Airy, Md.

“After eight years and a 4–4 tie, this Defelice cup has been established as a serious competition and a fixed annual tradition,” said Denny Dougherty, assistant captain of the Leidos Biomed team and a retired senior subcontracts advisor at what was formerly SAIC-Frederick. Leidos Biomed President Dave Heimbrook, Ph.D., was the team captain.

“It was close after the morning matches, and while Leidos Biomed pulled away during the afternoon action, it was good-natured and entertaining throughout,” Heimbrook said.

Jim Cherry, Ph.D., scientific program director, NCI Office of Scientific Operations, was captain of the NCI team, along with Marc Foltz as assistant captain.

“We look forward to next year’s match and bringing the cup back home, where it belongs,” Cherry said.

Most valuable player (MVP) awards went to Mike Tucker (NCI) and Bill Utermahlen (Leidos Biomed), and the sportsmanship award went to Svetlana Nazarenko (Leidos Biomed).

The tournament is named after Ronald H. Defelice, retired chief of the Management Operations and Support Branch, NCI at Frederick.

Bill Gillette, Bill Utermahlen, and Bill Brady

Bill Gillette (front), Bill Utermahlen (back, left), and Bill Brady (back, right).

Marc Foltz and Barry O’Keefe

From left, Marc Foltz and Barry O’Keefe.

Denny Dougherty, Jim Cherry, and Marc Foltz

From left, Denny Dougherty, Jim Cherry, and Marc Foltz.

Jim Cherry, Craig Reynolds, Denny Dougherty, and Dave Heimbrook

The Defelice Cup trophy was handed over to Leidos Biomedical Research. From left, Jim Cherry, Craig Reynolds, Denny Dougherty, and Dave Heimbrook.

Craig Reynolds, Mike Tucker, Jim Cherry, Denny Dougherty, Svetlana Nazarenko, Dave Heimbrook, and Bill Utermahlen

Front row, from left, Mike Tucker received the MVP award for NCI; Svetlana Nazarenko received the sportsmanship award for Leidos Biomed; and Bill Utermahlen received the MVP award for Leidos Biomed. Back row, from left, Craig Reynolds, Jim Cherry, Denny Dougherty, and Dave Heimbrook.