Science Thrives in Welcoming, Collegial Chemical Biology Laboratory

Euna Yoo, Ph.D., has found what she calls “the perfect place” to begin her career as an independent researcher—the Chemical Biology Laboratory at NCI at Frederick. The 11-year-old laboratory is an internationally recognized program that performs basic science to develop and apply chemical tools, methods, and materials to understand and alter biological processes involved in cancer and AIDS.


Memorial Lecture to Honor One Scientist’s Legacy and Another’s Accomplishments

On November 19, an internationally renowned virologist will visit NCI at Frederick to deliver a lecture in the Building 549 auditorium. Beatrice Hahn, M.D., was invited by the NCI HIV Dynamics and Replication Program, which is hosting her as the speaker and recipient of the Eighth Annual David Derse Memorial Lecture and Award.


Portrait of a Crystallographer

Alexander Wlodawer, Ph.D., displays a family tree on the wall near his office, but none of his relatives appear among its branches. In fact, with a few exceptions, the people listed on it aren’t genetically related to each other. Instead, it’s the Family Tree of Crystallography, a who-trained-who of famous scientists that extends back to the first crystallographic experiment in 1913.


Where Are They Now: Maddie Hurwitz Aims for Medical School, with Many Adventures Along the Way

Photo of Maddie Hurwitz with Williams College's mascot, Ephalia, a large purple cow

Maddie Hurwitz is something of a renaissance woman. An undergraduate student at Williams College, she is passionate about science, ensemble music, and equestrian sports. She also spent every summer from 2016–2018 at NCI at Frederick working on projects spanning immunity research, clinical medicine, and genetics.



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