Puzzler Solution: Just Making an Observation

Ashley DeVine
Woman and man holding a framed picture.

Congratulations to the Poster Puzzler winner!

John Gallagher, research technician, Biological Testing Branch - In Vivo Evaluation, Leidos Biomedical Research, is pictured (right) with Andrea Frydl, public affairs specialist, NCI Office of Scientific Operations.

Editor’s Note: It looks like we stumped you. None of the puzzler guesses were correct, but our winner was the closest to getting it right. He guessed it was a sanitary sewer clean-out pipe, and that’s what the photo looks like, according to our source at Facilities Maintenance and Engineering. Please continue reading for the correct puzzler solution. 

By Ashley DeVine, Staff Writer

Location of the Poster Puzzler

The September Puzzler is an observation well for the storm water treatment system. It is located next to Building 1029, off of Thompson Drive. The well, a perforated PVC pipe, is used to check the water level in the storm water filtration trench that surrounds it. Storm water is filtered through the trench, a five-foot-deep pit filled with gravel, before it is discharged to the storm sewer system. The storm sewer system then discharges the water to the Carroll Creek watershed.

Special thanks to Len Wrona, Facilities Maintenance and Engineering, for providing the information for this article.