EHS Drill Simulates Speedy Distribution of Antibiotics Following Bioterrorism Attack

Distributing lifesaving antibiotics to 9,000 people within 24 hours of a bioterrorism attack is among the responsibilities of the Environment, Health and Safety Directorate of the Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research. With that life-or-death mission in mind, EHS ran a drill on July 19 at the NCI at Frederick in response to a simulated attack.


Please Help EHS by Participating in the Bioterrorism Response Drill This Week

Photo of people standing in line

Waiting in line usually isn’t the way to prepare for a life-or-death situation, but this Friday will be an exception. NCI at Frederick will take part in an exercise that tests how quickly it could distribute antibiotics to employees, families, and visitors in response to a simulated bioterrorism anthrax attack in the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area. Employees will be asked to go to Building 426, fill out a two-question form, briefly wait in line, and pick up the “pill bottles.” Participation is voluntary, but the Environment, Health, and Safety Directorate (EHS)—which is supervising the exercise—needs at least 50 people and is asking everyone on the NCI at Frederick campus to participate.


Take Your Child to Work Day: A Little Work, A Little Play, A Lot of Science

The second-floor conference room in Building 538 exploded into a blur of motion as children began looking for clues to help Dr. Chaos fill in the last four pieces of “the human genetic code.” With just 10 minutes to solve the puzzle, they rushed around, sifted through science-themed items, and scoured the workspace-turned-escape room for leads. Seven minutes later, they succeeded, triumphantly emerging into the hallway.


A Family’s Food Truck Brings a Taste of Vietnam to the Farmers’ Market

Photo of An Pham, owner of The Pham, standing in front of his bright green food truck

Clustered around a bright green trailer parked outside of Building 549, people holding numbered tickets waited for a voice at the trailer’s window to tell them their orders of banh mi, pho, and grill plates were ready. For curious passersby, two signs and a menu explained everything: “The Pham – Vietnamese Food Truck & Catering.”



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