SSACB 2024 registration is now closed. If you have any questions please send an email to

Please fill this form to register: 

We will begin reviewing applications to SSACB on January 24 and start sending notifications to admitted applicants. We may close the application process earlier if we reach capacity. The registration fee for SSACB is $150, which will be due three weeks after you receive an email confirming your admission from the organizing committee. The registration fee will cover coffee breaks and after-hours events, however it does NOT cover accommodation, travel and meals, which will be on your own. NIH participants are exempted from the registration fee, however they are still required to fill out the registration form.

**As a gov't employee, including any NIH fellows if you would like to partake in the light refreshments, please remember to use personal funds, as no government funds can be used to purchase light refreshments.