• Employees should obtain their card by August 30, 2018. More Information...
  • Come learn, have fun, and compete or cheer on your friends!
  • Questions? Contact Scott Keasey at scott.keasey@nih.gov or 301-846-1115.
  • Always a wide variety of local products from a wide range of vendors!
  • The U.S. Army Garrison at Fort Detrick is changing entry procedures beginning this fall. The Army will be implementing an automated installation entry system at all gates, and once implemented, Army guards will scan identification cards before they allow you to enter Fort Detrick.
  • The 12th Annual NCI at Frederick/Scientific Library Student Science Jeopardy Tournament on Wednesday, July 25, 2018. Teams of two students will compete in the traditional Jeopardy "answer and question" format. The Tournament is open to any high school or undergraduate college student on the Fort Detrick campus!
  • FCAS is a new system that will be used for all non-severable and moonshot support through the contractor. Yellow Task will still be used for all severable requests for the time being.
  • Come out to support local farmers and artisans. On a weekly basis, we have plants, handmade jewelry, crafts, produce, and local meats and eggs.
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