Emergency Preparedness & Continuity of Operations (COOP)

Image of family Everyone should have a plan. The likelihood of you and your family surviving a house fire depends as much on having a working smoke detector and an exit strategy, as on a well-trained fire department. The same is true for surviving a terrorist attack or other emergency. We must have the tools and plans in place to make it on our own, at least for a period of time, no matter where we are when disaster strikes. Just like having a working smoke detector, preparing for the unexpected makes sense. Get ready now.

Emergency preparedness and continuity planning at work must account for all hazards (both man-made and natural disasters). Employees and co-workers at NCI-Frederick are an important and valuable asset. You should plan in advance to manage any emergency situation. Assess the situation, use common sense and available resources to take care of yourself, your co-workers and the NCI-Frederick’s recovery.

Encourage your employees and their families to: Get a Kit, Make a Plan, Be Informed.
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