Bright Sun and Good Fun at Take a Hike Event

By Chris Worthington, staff writer; images by Chris Worthington
OHS staff at the July Take a Hike event

The latest Occupational Health Services (OHS) Take a Hike event, held on an idyllic July day, featured a new route and welcomed several health-conscious vendors from the Frederick area.

The updated course looped around the Building 549 parking lot before winding its way to Porter Street, past the Blue and Gray Field on Doughten Street, and back to Building 549. Two water stations, staffed by OHS Cancer Research Training Award interns, helped keep participants hydrated.

A total of 21 people joined the event. At the starting point, OHS staff greeted hikers with a map of the course and a pamphlet to be signed by the guest vendors, whose booths were set up adjacent to OHS. Participants who got all three signatures were entered into a drawing for prizes such as free drinks at the Discovery Café and exercise promotion equipment.

Meanwhile, a personal trainer from Onelife Fitness, a chain of mid-Atlantic gyms, gave interested participants information about fitness classes, personal training, and the various amenities available at the company’s two Frederick locations.  

Representatives from Frederick Foot & Ankle, a podiatrist practice with offices in Frederick and Urbana, were also on site. They handed out informational flyers, showcased several shoes and foot and ankle braces, and offered free granola bars to Hike participants.

Finally, two employees of Common Market Co-op, a community-owned Frederick grocer whose focus is sourcing regional products, talked to passers-by about the range of organic, gluten free, and vegan foods, as well as local meats, produce, and dairy products, all available at the Market.

OHS Take a Hike, July 2018 OHS Take a Hike, July 2018 OHS Take a Hike, July 2018 OHS Take a Hike, July 2018