April 2024

Scientific Library Becomes Unbound by Space in 2024

The Scientific Library is moving into a new dimension: a “library without walls.” Capitalizing on its identity beyond its physical location, the library will adopt a greater focus on connecting people to information, ideas, and each other and will ultimately shed its brick-and-mortar space in Building 549. The Scientific Library as an online library will focus on being a transformational hub of resources, not just a transactional place to check out books.

Mickey Williams’ Lifelong Love for Science Enters Emeritus Era

Mickey Williams, Ph.D., jokes that he was “somewhat doomed to become a molecular biologist” from the very start, born within mere hours of a milestone in the field. The same day in 1953 that Francis Crick and James Watson heralded their discovery of DNA’s double-helix structure — “the secret of life,” Crick triumphantly called it at The Eagle pub in Cambridge—Williams’ own life began in a maternity ward half a world away.

Last Call to Try Your Hand at Volunteering This Take Your Child to Work Day

If last year was any indicator, plenty of kids will be eager to participate in NCI Frederick’s Take Your Child to Work Day this summer. Last year’s event, the first since the pandemic began, welcomed more than 120 children. Volunteering to sponsor a program or hub activity will help guarantee this year’s crowd—which is expected to be larger—has a fun-filled and educational day in science.

Start Your Engines: Pandemic Lockdown Contributed to Team’s Discovery of Bacterial Motor Function

The lockdowns during 2020, the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic, temporarily paused most laboratory work, but they didn’t stop science from moving forward. Many scientists, including those comprising what’s now NCI’s Center for Structural Biology, seized the opportunity while out of the lab to revisit previously collected data. Those efforts are paying off.

‘What a Scientist Looks Like’: Women in Science Describe Adversity and Success

There are many paths for women to travel to find success in science. That was a crucial theme conveyed by the four panelists at Women in Science Speak 2024. The panel marked the International Day of Women and Girls in Science and celebrated empowerment and mentorship among women in science.