December 2018

Inside the Scientific Arsenal: A Nobel-Prize-Winning Method for 3D Modeling

Every Monday morning, Ulrich Baxa, Ph.D., and his colleagues enter their Gaithersburg, Md., laboratory and begin calibrating their Titan Krios, a massive, $7-million transmission electron microscope that can capture high-definition images at near-atomic magnification. They load several flash-frozen biological samples into the Krios and, by 5 p.m., program the instrument to collect data. As the team leaves for the evening, the Krios begins shooting beams of energy into the samples and taking photos.


Inside the Scientific Arsenal: The Two-Armed Tool That’s Faster Than a Scientist

Sitting at a computer in an NCI at Frederick laboratory, Todd Hartley writes an automated method for an experiment. With a final swipe of the mouse, he clicks an on-screen button that says “Run.” The large device sitting to his left, a Biomek FXP Laboratory Automation Workstation, whirrs to life. A robotic arm hovers over a deck containing various microplates then lowers a group of pipette tips to draw liquid from a reservoir, raises and moves again, and deposits the fluid in a nearby microplate with superhuman accuracy.


This Holiday Season, Keep Your Chestnuts Roasting On a (Safely Managed) Open Fire

It’s the first day of winter, which (usually) means colder weather, holiday lights, a blazing fire, and cookies baking in the oven. Unfortunately, it can also mean an increase in fire hazards. As you bake, decorate, and prepare for the holiday season, keep these safety tips in mind to ensure a safe celebration.



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