Activities and Programs

Program Tips

  • You will need your NIH login to register.
  • Make sure to read the age range for each program.
  • If your children are in different ages groups and different programs, you will need a chaperone for each child.

What are Programs?

Programs are the core component of Take Your Child to Work Day and gives participants an glimpse into the daily activities of the staff at the NCI at Frederick Campus. They are usually an interactive activity, and they run for a period of 45 minutes.

Many of the programs are highly interactive and so must be restricted by age and number of participants. As a result, children must register for a Program in order to participate.

What are Activities?

Activities are entertaining and engaging displays and/or tasks that have no set start or end time. Unlike programs, children do not have to register for specific time periods in order to participate, however they do have to register for the event itself.

Hub Activities

The hub location offers an open area where participants can enjoy a variety of educational (and entertaining) activities. These may range from animal education areas where children may interact with a variety of creatures, to fun craft projects that allow each child to explore their creativity. We often have a special visit by members of the armed forces and some of their equipment.

Indoor Activities

Indoor activities are located in the Science Room (426) and Building 549 Lobby.

Remember: participants must be registered for the event day, even though they are not required to register for a specific activity.