Hub and Special Activities

The hub location offers an open are where participants can enjoy a variety of educational (and entertaining) activities without having to register for a specific time period. Children do not need to register for specific activities, but they do have to register for the event. To register your child, go to the child registration page.

  • Hub Activities

    • Air Rockets

      Come build a paper rocket and see how high you can launch it!

    • Alpacas Fiber Fun

      See live alpacas and products made from their fiber. See some of the different steps to get alpaca fiber ready to process - pasture to product.

    • Art Through Science

      We create T-Shirts similar to "Tie Dying" except our permanent marker art creations are sprayed with rubbing alcohol to create that tie dye look.

    • Be a plant detective and detect disease!

      IMPATIENS DOWNY MILDEW is a deadly disease of impatiens plants that was first observed in the United States in 2012. We are trying to follow the spread of the disease, and you can help. You will be given two colors of Impatiens plants: ones with red flowers and ones with white flowers, plus a fact sheet, and a postcard. Take the plants home and transplant them where they can live for the rest of the summer. Watch them for symptoms The plants that get the disease will MELT! Fill out the postcard to tell us which color plant got the disease, and when. Then you will be a real plant detective!

    • Braille Name Tag

      Using a slate and stylus the children can Braille name tags for themselves.

    • Children's Book Swap

      Gently used children's books will be available for free to any child participating in Take Your Child To Work Day. Stop by the Scientific Library in Building 549 and select some books to take home and read. If you wish, you can also bring in some of your own children's books that you no longer need and add them to the collection for others to read.


      Stop by the Scientific Library anytime during Take Your Child To Work Day and help decorate our Book Tree! The Library staff has created a tall tree out of old indexes and added white lights for a festive touch. The only things missing are decorations. We invite anyone to drop in to the Library in Building 549 and make a decoration for the tree. We will supply the materials, and you bring your creativity. When you are finished, you can hang your masterpiece on the tree.

    • EHS PPE Practice

      EHS will have stations with varying Personal Protective Equipment to be put on, depending upon hazards such as laboratory or construction sites.

    • Fun In The Sun With OHS

      At Take Your Child to Work Day, don't forget to join the staff from Occupational Health Services for some fun! We will be enjoying the nice summer day by playing many outdoor games. Children will have the opportunity to win prizes and interact with other children.

    • Get Inside a Scientist’s Head

      Picture yourself as a scientist! In this Hub activity, Scientific Publications, Graphics & Media staff will help you get “inside” a scientist’s head. Get your picture taken, but with a twist—your head on a scientist’s body!

    • Handle with Care

      Don on a sleeve and glove from a biocontainment suit and practice simple tasks like stacking dominoes and pipetting water. It's not so easy if you're dressed to work in a Biosafety Level 4 laboratory!

    • Interactive Augmented Reality Sandbox

      Using an interactive augmented reality sandbox to simulate terrain and weather conditions, students will be able to learn about natural hazards and hazard mitigation in a fun, hands-on educational session.

    • Jigsaw Puzzles for All!

      Take a break during Take Your Child To Work Day, stop by the cool Scientific Library in Building 549, and work on some puzzles! We will have different levels of jigsaw puzzles available for anyone to try during the day. Work your brain cells while resting and cooling down from all the physical activity of the day.

    • Lab Robotics!

      Robotic instruments are used in labs to speed up experimental processes and automate them. Learn about the importance of robotics in the laboratory and have the robot write your initials in a 96-well or 384-well plate.

    • Picture Yourself

      Take a fun picture of yourself using our poster board featuring a large photo of a person in a blue biocontainment suit (like those worn in at Biosafety Level 4) with the faceplate cut out!

    • R.E.A.D. Therapy Dogs

      Come to the Scientific Library in Building 549 during Take Your Child To Work Day and interact with a R.E.A.D. Therapy dog! The "Reading Education Assistance Dogs” program encourages young reluctant readers to read aloud to trained dogs, thereby improving their reading ability, fluency, and confidence. The first dog will visit from 10-12, and the second dog will visit from 12-2.

    • Rescue Rules

      Opt to Adopt, Awareness Helps Save Lives! Come find out about animal rescue and meet some adopted rescues who found their happy forever home after not so happy beginnings!

    • What is the REAL color of your pen?

      Students will learn how to find what colors are really in their pens. Is your black Sharpie “really” Black? What about a green pen, or a red sharpie marker? We will explore this topic using paper chromatography methods, but using every day materials.

    • Write it, Dunk it

      Write your name on both regular paper and the special poly paper used in BSL-4 laboratories. Watch what happens when you have to "dunk" your paper in disinfectant before it leaves the lab!