Hub and Special Activities

The hub location offers an open are where participants can enjoy a variety of educational (and entertaining) activities without having to register for a specific time period. Children do not need to register for specific activities, but they do have to register for the event. To register your child, go to the child registration page.

  • Hub Activities

    • Art Through Science

      Children will create their own T-Shirts using permanent colorful markers. With spray bottles they will spray rubbing alcohol directly on their T- Shirts and the running of the colors in the fibers will create a tie dye looking T-Shirts.


      Gently used children's books will be available for free to any child participating in Take Your Child To Work Day. Stop by the Scientific Library in Building 549 and select some books to take home and read. If you wish, you can also bring in some of your own children's books that you no longer need and add them to the collection for others to read.


      Stop by the Scientific Library anytime during Take Your Child To Work Day and help decorate our Book Tree! The Library staff has created a tall tree out of old indexes and added white lights for a festive touch. The only things missing are decorations. We invite anyone to drop in to the Library in Building 549 and make a decoration for the tree. We will supply the materials, and you bring your creativity. When you are finished, you can hang your masterpiece on the tree.

    • DNA Extraction from Strawberries or Color Burst Milk Molecules

      The Fort Detrick Alliance will either do a STEM project that involves extracting DNA from strawberries or a project where children use soap detergent and food coloring to make color explosions in milk.

    • Fire Safety

      ): This interactive event is for all NCI staff, as well as children. We will host a variety of safety activities including a fire extinguisher simulator and interactive fire safety station that includes a Bullex fire extinguisher simulator, R.A.C.E. emergency notification simulator, and a crawling maze to simulate staying low to escape a dark smoke-filled room.

    • Interactive Natural Hazards Session

      Using an interactive augmented reality sandbox to simulate terrain and weather conditions, participants will be able to learn about natural hazards and hazard mitigation in a fun, hands-on educational session.


      Take a break during Take Your Child To Work Day, stop by the cool Scientific Library in Building 549, and work on some puzzles! We will have different levels of jigsaw puzzles available for anyone to try during the day. Work your brain cells while resting and cooling down from all the physical activity of the day.

    • Nymeo and Ritas Ice

      Come grab a delicious Rita's Ice provided by Nymeo!


      Come to the Scientific Library in Building 549 during Take Your Child To Work Day and interact with a R.E.A.D. Therapy dog! The "Reading Education Assistance Dogs” program encourages young reluctant readers to read aloud to trained dogs, thereby improving their reading ability, fluency, and confidence. Stop by and try reading to a furry friend!

    • Rescue Rules

      Opt to Adopt, Awareness Helps Save Lives! Come find out about animal rescue and meet some adopted rescues who found their happy forever home after not so happy beginnings!

    • Science Room

      Come by the science room and participate in a variety of hands on activities.


      New this year at the Scientific Library during Take Your Child To Work Day is “Story Time from Space!” Come in from the heat and settle in for a very unusual story time! An astronaut on the International Space Station (ISS) will read a story to you directly from the ISS through a computer to a large viewing screen in the Library. Sit back, relax, and get caught up in a story coming to you straight from space!

    • Ultraviolet

      Learn about the effects of harmful UV rays by using UV beads and sunscreen. You can take beads and string with you to make a UV bead bracelet!