Programs for 2019 are currently being developed. Below is a sample list of past activities. Please check back on Sunday, May 19th, 2019 for more information. If you are interested in sponsoring an activity, please visit our Program Registration page.

Child registration will open on Monday, May 13th, 2019.

Sample Program Listing

  • Playful Psittacines!!! Beautiful Birds!

    Ages 6-13
    The order Psittaciformes includes over 350 species of parrots and are mostly found in warm climates. Many parrots are kept as pets and are intelligent and colorful. Come meet a few of these parrots close up!
  • Mock Trial

    Ages 8-13
    Mock Trial in the JAG Courtroom. Participants will get to serve as attorneys, jurors, or observers, as adults are questioned as witnesses in a mock lawsuit or criminal case.
  • You Can Build It

    Ages 6-13
    Based on USAMMDA's Medical Prototype Development Laboratory, "You Can Build It" challenges the children to use raw craft materials to come up with medical solutions for Servicemembers on and off the battlefield. There will also be a O2 Generation product demonstration.
  • Wind and Wings

    Ages 6-13
    Join us to learn how to build and fly a kite. Experienced kite fliers from Wings Over Washington Kite Club will not only help you build and decorate your kite, but they will also explain how and why the kite flies. Then, when you are finished building your kite, you can fly it!
  • You Be the Investigator

    Ages 6-13
    There are a lot of scary diseases throughout the world. Scientific investigators create ways to protect people from these diseases. In “You Be the Investigator,” your job is to create a way to protect your patient (an egg) from these dangerous diseases. Using different building materials and your imagination, you will build a protective device and test it for safety on a challenging obstacle course. Then, you will learn about some of the diseases that scientists are studying.
  • Chromatography of Colors

    Ages 6-13
    Most things we encounter in our lives are mixtures of different substances, and scientists use the method called Chromatography to separate the substances. In this Program you will be the scientist and experiment with the chromatography of colors that are hidden in the colors.
  • Insect Mimicry: Why Insects Look the Way They Do

    Ages 6-13
    Why insects look the way they do, using real insects to illustrate the various points. This will be followed by handling of live insects (walking sticks, hissing roaches, and possibly a tarantula).
  • Secret Science Lab: Mad Scientists Wanted

    Ages 6-13
    Create your own cool drink for summer. Each young scientist will create a drink by inventing a formula using their choice of unsweetened, colored and flavored water and sugar. The scientists will have the use of scales, weigh boats, pipettes, funnels and filter paper to invent their drink flavor and uniquely name their drink. This Program is highly interactive between parent and child.
  • Good insects, Bad Insects

    Ages 6-13
    A nature walk through the USDA's butterfly garden, tour of the new Insectory greenhouse and lab demonstastion on how to detect insect transmitted viruses in plants.