Listed below are the programs for 2018 Take Your Child to Work Day. To register your child, go to the child registration page. Child registration will open on Friday, May 25th, 2018.

  • Band-aids, Bugs, and Boo Boos

    Ages 6 - 13.

    Explore the basics of first aid including splinting, proper hand washing, and more!

  • Breath of Fresh Air

    Ages 6 - 13.

    Learn about your lungs and the effects of smoking (i.e: jewels, cigarettes, and vapes).

  • Don't Monkey Around With Health

    Ages 6 - 13.

    Join us for a hands on demonstration on the importance of proper hand washing followed by a fun take home craft!

  • Drugs, Bugs ans Shrubs

    Ages 6 - 13.

    Way more than setting the blender on puree, this program will show how we go from samples we have collected in nature to chemicals ready for testing as possible new drugs. See our computer controlled robots in action. Wear lab coats and goggles. Learn how we are discovering drugs from nature.

  • Fire and Ice

    Ages 6 - 13.

    We live in a relatively narrow range of temperatures (from 0 to about 110 degrees Fahrenheit). Come explore what happens to some everyday objects (and some not so everyday ones, too) when they are exposed to temperatures from -350 degrees to almost 2000 degrees!

  • Fish and Frogs

    Ages 6 - 13.

    At USACHER, various aquatic organisms are used to see if the water is safe and other important scientific studies. This session will show the organisms, their uses, and how to culture them. See the zebrafish, African Clawed Frogs, and bluegill at USACEHR!

  • Introduction to Chest Compressions

    Ages 10 - 13.

    Learning about CPR

  • Mouse Circus

    Ages 7 - 11.

    Come explore the world of rodents and learn how to properly handle mice and rats! Challenge your detective skills and see if you can find the perfect mouse hide-out. Experiment with us and find out with snacks and toys will get a mouse across the finish line first!

  • Plant Doctor

    Ages 6 - 13.

    Plants get sick too, and just like for you, there are scientists who are trained to keep them healthy. Come find out what a plant doctor is and try your hand at testing plants for infections while you learn about how important plants are in the environment.

  • Spool Strawberry or Banana DNA

    Ages 8 - 13.

    Come over to USACEHR where participants will get to isolate the DNA from strawberries or bananas! You'll extract the DNA and even get to keep the DNA in a small keepsake.

  • Unlocking the Mysteries of the Brain with the Medical Museum

    Ages 6 - 13.

    Through interactive experiences, you will learn about TBI, brain safety and the sense of smell and hearing. You will also have the opportunity to handle a real brain.

  • What's inside a computer?

    Ages 6 - 13.

    Children will have a hands-on experience assembling a real computer with expert computer technicians. They will be taught what the definition of what each component is and how it connect the computer.

  • Whose Blood Is It?

    Ages 6 - 13.

    There is a mystery to be solved and we need your help! Come learn the science of blood typing and find out whose blood was left at the crime scene!

  • You Be the Investigator

    Ages 6 - 13.

    There are a lot of scary diseases throughout the world. Scientific investigators create ways to protect people from these diseases. In “You Be the Investigator,” your job is to create a way to protect your patient (an egg) from these dangerous diseases. Using different building materials and your imagination, you will build a protective device and test it for safety on a challenging obstacle course. Then, you will learn about some of the diseases that scientists are studying.

  • You Can Build It

    Ages 6 - 13.

    Based on USAMMDA's Medical Prototype Development Laboratory, "You Can Build It" challenges the children to use raw craft materials such as popsicle sticks, pipe cleaners, paper, string, glue and other crafting materials to come up with medical solutions for Servicemembers on and off the battlefield. There will also be a O2 Generation product demonstration.

  • Your Cells and Microorganisms

    Ages 6 - 13.

    Children will wash their hands, swab the inside of their mouths with a sterile swab, smear a glass slide and cover with a coverslip. They will be able to view their cells with a microscope. The slide will be disposed of in a sharps container and the children will again be asked to wash their hands. Several pictures of bacteria and viruses will be displayed so that the children can make their own microorganism using playdough and Q-tips, Legos and paper and crayons.