(Update) Wellness Challenge: How Are You Doing with Your New Year’s Resolutions?

By Jenna Seiss and Ariana Jones, Contributing Writers
Feet on a scale.

Editor’s note: This article has been updated since its original post on May 29 to include information on the quick link from the Poster home page.

Remember those fitness resolutions you made at the beginning of the year? Were you going to lose weight, quit smoking, reduce alcohol intake, or establish a regular workout routine?

If you have neglected some of these resolutions over the last few months, think about why—was it lack of time, lack of motivation, lack of direction, or some combination of these?

The good news is that it is not too late to make a plan for completing your goals and start thinking, “I can!”

The Fitness Challenge Is Now the Wellness Challenge

NCI at Frederick employees have an opportunity to participate in the Wellness Challenge, to help them stay on track with those New Year’s resolutions or any other commitment to improving health and wellness.

Sponsored by NCI at Frederick, the Wellness Challenge, formerly known as the Fitness Challenge, was launched earlier this year to continue the original goal of promoting physical activity in five categories: losing weight, walking, running, biking, and other activities. The challenge is to collectively lose one ton of weight (2,000 pounds); walk, run, or bike around the world (24,902 miles); or perform one year (in hours) of other fitness activities (8,765 hours), all during a single calendar year.

All members of the NCI at Frederick, Frederick National Laboratory, and Fort Detrick communities are eligible to participate. 

“The Fitness Challenge was renamed and the website updated to broaden the scope of the utilization to all employees in efforts to achieve their goal of being well and healthy,” said Sarah Hooper, manager, Occupational Health Services (OHS). “Wellness is an active process of becoming aware and making choices towards a healthy lifestyle, and the new name reflects this mission.”

New Wellness Challenge WebsiteWebsite screen capture

To support the Wellness Challenge, OHS recently unveiled a new website, with many of the familiar features of the Fitness Challenge, but also with a fresh look that makes it easier to navigate.

“It is easier to look at team and personal data, so challengers can support each other,” said Jillian Deshazer, web designer, Data Management Services, and the team lead on redesigning the website.

Once logged in to the website using NIH login information, employees will be able to access their personal activity tracker, buddy list, teams, and reports.

The new website also provides easy access to the event schedule; healthy recipes; health tips; “My Wellness,” which is a personal activity tracker; the hall of fame, which displays the top 20 performers in each category; and the community page, which provides access to community resources for enhancing your wellness plan.

Accept the Challenge

To participate in the Wellness Challenge, log in to the website and get started with the activity tracker. Update your activities and watch your progress. It will help you stay motivated and maintain your “new year, new me” resolutions.

Easy Access with the Quick Link from the Poster Home Page

The Poster has added a link to the Wellness Challenge website from its home page. You’ll find it under the “Quick Links” on the left side of the home page screen.