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Welcome to the Accessioning System

About the Accessioning System

The goal the Accessioning System is to provide investigators and core service personnel with a one-stop shop for finding services, placing requests for service, and tracking the status of requested services. This system is designed to accept requests, facilitate and capture communications, provide scope review and fiscal approval between requesters, service areas, and fiscal authorities throughout the request fulfillment process.

Requests for Core Services

When placing a request for services, an e-mail is sent to that service area manager to begin the process of estimating the cost for the services requested. You must ensure that you provide the name of the individual who has fiscal authority to review and approve your budget.

There are funding opportunities through the NCI-Frederick Office of the Director Research Support (ODRS) Program. This funding source is provided to NCI investigators for pilot studies conducted with laboratories from the Cancer Research Technology Program (CRTP) and the Laboratory Animal Sciences Program (LASP).

If you believe you qualify for the ODRS Program funding, be sure to indicate this when placing your request for core services. For CCR-affiliated requests, CCR and OSTR subsidies may be available.

Once the service area you identified prepares a cost estimate and enters it into the system, you will receive an email detailing the cost estimation they prepared. Upon receiving a cost estimate, return to the Accessioning System to either accept or reject it. If you accept the cost estimate, the request will move forward for the approvals necessary prior to the lab beginning the work requested.

Your fiscal authority will need to approve the expenditure (100% of the cost estimate if ODRS funding is not requested) by e-mail. Upon scope and fiscal authority approval, you will receive an email and the service area will begin work on your pilot project. If your request is disapproved, please follow up with your fiscal authority, or OD, before reengaging the service area.

Need help?

If you need assistance placing a request, please send a message or contact Angela Carter, 301.846.1888 directly on how to proceed. If you experience technical difficulties, please contact the NCI-Frederick Webmaster.