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The Laboratory Animal Sciences Program (LASP) of the Frederick National Laboratory operates a Gnotobiotic Facility (GF) to support research focused on the role of microbiota in cancer inflammation, pathogenesis, and treatment response.

The animal research support team that staffs the GF can rederive mice into germ-free status, expand colonies of axenic and gnotobiotic mice and maintain microbiome-defined lines of animals. This team has extensive experience working with animal models in basic and translational research, particularly in the fields of immunology and cancer research.

The GF facilitates research projects by working closely with investigators throughout all stages of the project; providing assistance with animal study proposals, coordinating and scheduling experimental studies, implementing and carrying out all experimental aspects of studies, providing regular progress reports, and delivering detailed results. The GF collaborates closely with other LASP facilities such as Animal Diagnostics, Small Animal Imaging, Histology, and Pathology to coordinate workflows and services.



  • Flexible Film Isolator and Biocontainment Rack Housing
  • Germ-free strain rederivation and colony expansion
  • Characterization of germ-free mouse models
  • Disease induction via various routes
  • Administration of investigational compounds via various routes
  • Evaluation of anticancer therapeutics
  • Microbial or fecal transplant association studies
  • Compound formulation and administration
  • Tissue and specimen collection in all phases of the study
  • Assessment of immunologic and metabolic function during disease progression
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