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The Applied/Developmental Research Directorate maintains a Clinical Services Program that has expertise covering a broad spectrum of pre-clinical and clinical trial support, and immunologic testing. As part of the Directorate, The NCI at Frederick Central Repository provides support for sample storage and transfers under a wide range of conditions.  It operates under Best Practices for Repositories and Biospecimens Resources and GXP guidelines, maintaining sample and data integrity by following standard operating procedures and utilizing the BSI database for full tracking of all specimens, receipts, shipments, storage, transfers, and discards. Available services include:

  • Sample storage at appropriate temperatures and conditions using fully qualified freezers and storage units
  • Inventory Management
  • Transfer of samples and supplies under a wide range of temperature and conditions for local, domestic and international shipments
  • Controlled-rate freezing in support of sample preservation protocols
  • Strict controlled view and access of sample collections based on permission levels designated by the Principal Investigator




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