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  • Select the blue BEGIN REQUEST Link located at the top right and follow the prompts.
  • Select the Molecular Histopathology Laboratory (MHL) as the service area (REQUIRED).
  • Enter a brief summary of the required scope of work (REQUIRED). 
  • Optionally, additionally drop and drag supporting files.
  • Check the Box, Yes this is a blanket Request.  
  • Enter a Project Name or Study ID (REQUIRED).  This free text field will help groups with more than one project with MHL keep track.
  • Enter the Project Authorized Users (REQUIRED).  This required field allows the PI to specify/list the staff that are authorized to submit work to the MHL on this account.  
  • Enter Financial Information, the NCI-F project ID (OPTIONAL).   This is generated by the request approval process.
  • Enter the FY MHL Annual Budget in US currency $$ (OPTIONAL) You can set this or let MHL staff do this for you based on the SOW that has been discussed.
  • Enter the Preferred Annual Approval Billing Start Date.  There is currently a one month offset between the FNLCR contract year start date of Sept 1 and the Government financial year FY start date of Oct 1.  If your group would prefers MHL staff wait until after the start of the gov FY on Oct 1 before beginning billing, enter Oct 1 in this field.  Otherwise, leave blank and MHL will bill as the work completes.
  • Enter the Funding Expiry date (MM/DD/YEAR).  Approved budgets automatically expire annually on Aug 30. It is possible however to define an earlier expiry date to accommodate severable funding or the internal policies/financial practices of different NIH Institutes.  Cancelation of an ongoing blanket PO is also possible provided work is not currently pending completion/billing. 
  • Enter Additional Comments.

Complete the Request Submission.  MHL staff will review the scope estimate and then return any revision to the budget for your approval.  Once you confirm, the annual budget request will be routed through required fiscal and scope reviews resulting in a NAS approval number that must be included with each sample submission.  If you have any questions, please call the MHL administrative office 301 846 1281.




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