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The Clinical Services Program within the Applied/Developmental Research Directorate maintains a Clinical Support Laboratory that has expertise covering a broad spectrum of immunologic testing and clinical trial support. Program support can begin at the early stages of clinical trial development to aid in developing a comprehensive strategy for sample collection, processing, and testing with a special emphasis on immunologic testing. The laboratory collaborates with partners to develop customized assays or transfer existing assay technology with assay validation, data analysis and interpretation of results. Examples include:

  • Multiplex cytokine and biomarker analysis in different matrices of serum, plasma, urine (& saliva) to use in trial monitoring.
  • Using bioassays to evaluate and confirm cytokine activity
  • Routine and customized assays of lymphocyte functional activity including proliferation, ELISPOT, and various cytotoxicity assays like ADCC and NK- (&CTL-) mediated target cell killing.
  • Establishing customized flow cytometry panels for clinical trial monitoring




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