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High-Throughput Animal Genotyping Laboratory (HTAGL)
Providing high-throughput technologies for genetic monitoring and management of complex genetically engineered research colonies to the NCI community

The use of complex genetically engineered mouse models is rapidly expanding in biomedical research. This has dictated the need for the rapid genotyping of mutant mouse colonies for more efficient utilization of animal holding space. LabChip and real-time PCR platforms provide capabilities to execute investigators’ specific genotyping protocols, which currently comprise a repertoire of more than 100 assays. HTAGL has established a high-throughput work flow for mouse genotyping using robotic workstations:
  • a liquid-handling robot to extract tissue lysates and assemble PCR
  • an automated microfluidics electrophoresis for PCR product analysis.
The data are handled on an online data management platform which centralizes your genetic testing program into one virtual location, delivering efficiencies from request to results. Using this setup, multiple combinations of genotyping reactions can be assembled simultaneously, allowing even complex genotyping data to be generated rapidly with consistency and accuracy.

How does it work?
Fill out an online request and send the tissue samples or lysates in 96 well plates to the HTAGL. Within 48 to 72 hours you will be notified by email that printable and exportable genotyping results are available from your online account.

A list of currently used assays is available. HTAGL does accept new assay requests and will convert your existing gel-based PCR to a microfluidics assay based on the genetic information you provide. Please log in to the application to submit a new assay request.




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