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The Moonshot Pediatric Core (MPC) was established as a dedicated resource to provide FNLCR capabilities to the research teams from the Pediatric Immunotherapy Discovery and Development Network (PI-DDN) and the Fusion Oncoproteins in Childhood Cancers (FusOnC2) Network. The two networks were established to intensify research on the major drivers of childhood cancers and to enhance a nationwide pediatric translational science network that can identify optimal immunotherapeutic targets for childhood cancer, define the biological mechanisms by which pediatric tumors evade the immune system, develop novel treatment regimens and design clinical trials in which to test these new approaches. Awards were granted by the National Cancer Institute as part of the implementation of the Blue Ribbon Panel recommendations and issued with funding provided by the Cancer Moonshot Initiative. The goal of the MPC is to accelerate the development of new novel immunotherapies and improve pediatric cancer treatments through the support of the network investigators.  




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