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Sequencing Facility

The introduction of DNA sequencing instruments capable of producing millions of DNA sequence reads in a single run has profoundly altered the landscape of genetics and cancer biology. Complex questions can now be answered at previously unthinkable speeds and a fraction of their former cost. At the Sequencing Facility, NCI researchers are provided access to the latest technologies, with consultation and Q&A services available throughout the design and execution of sequencing projects. 

PacBio RS II Sequencing

  • Sequencing via single molecule, real-time (SMRT) technology allows rapid identification of long nucleotide chains
  • Read lengths averaging greater than 20,000 bases per molecule, with maximum read lengths > 80,000 bases, facilitate genome assembly and mapping of repetitive regions
  • Amplification-free direct sequencing of individual molecules precludes PCR bias and artifacts
  • Low-input Protocol developed by the Sequencing Facility enables sequencing of as little as 500 picograms of starting material for many applications
  • Minimal machine turnaround time provides flexibility in experimental and run design




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