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FNLCR scientists provide unique value in working with the biomedical industry, academic research institutions, non-profits and other organizations, consistent with the mission of the NCI. FNLCR scientists utilize their extensive knowledge and expertise in a variety of scientific areas to analyze data and provide solutions through partnerships.

The Protein Expression Laboratory (PEL) provides a full suite of protein production services with "DNA to Cells to Protein" convenience. PEL utilizes the unique technologies listed below to enable rapid, low-cost protein production.

Service TypeContactService Areas & Description
Combinatorial Cloning

Vanessa Wall

  • Custom cloning and mutagenesis for protein expression
  • Sequence validation of clones is included
  • Combinatorial Gateway recombination-based cloning platform
  • Consultation on clone design and downstream usage
  • New baculovirus genomes and production systems for higher virus titer and enhanced protein quality
Protein ProductionJane Jones  
  • High-throughput scouting of expression/purification conditions at microscale
  • Supports large numbers of parallel clones varying in promoters, solubility/purification tags, and expression conditions
  • Expression in bacteria, insect cells, and/or mammalian cells
  • Large-scale purification from ugs to grams
  • Consultation on scale-up potential, protein quality issues, buffer conditions, and yield
Eukaryotic ExpressionJane Jones  
  • Baculovirus production and titer, including BacMam, with advanced titering methods
  • Insect cell expression in cell line which has improved protein production yields
  • HEK293 expression using transient transfection
  • Bioreactor-based protein expression for reduced cost large-scale production
  • Experimental design consultation, data analysis and interpretation





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