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Genomic Technologies: Genomic technologies laboratory is a molecular biology laboratory focusing on the development of genetics and genomics technologies, together with associated laboratory automation systems, data analysis, and information management tools. The laboratory develops integrated strategies using multiple technology platforms that address difficult research questions and maximize the value of clinical samples.

Expression analysis and Copy Number Variation: We provide services from global gene expression on Affymetrix arrays to targeted panels using the nanoString platform or targeted panels sequenced on the Illumina or Ion Torrent next generation sequencing systems. Quantitative gene expression measurements can be made for targeted genes using TaqMan assays on the BioRad droplet digital PCR system. Global CNV can be identified using the Affymetrix OncoScan system.

Molecular Diagnostics: Sanger sequencing-based mutation detection services in a CLIA environment for investigators evaluating patients for specific genetic abnormalities. We have established a large panel of mutation detection assays and will develop new assays on request. 

Next Generation Sequencing:  Researchers are provided access to the latest technologies, Illumina MiSeq, Illumina NextSeq and IonTorrent with variety of options for NGS library preparations, consultation and Q&A services available throughout the design and execution of sequencing projects. We also provide Whole Exome sequencing library preparation in collaboration with the CCR-Sequencing facility.




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