Where Are They Now: Kaylee Towey Drafts Public Policy Proposals

Kaylee Towey (center) with Frank Blanchard (left) and fellow WHK intern Julianne Heberlein (right) presenting a poster at Student Poster Day.

Former Werner H. Kirsten (WHK) intern Kaylee Towey spent her most recent college semester drafting policy proposals to solve education issues in Prince George’s County. It was part of a semester-long project for the Public Leadership Scholars Program, an extracurricular activity she fits into her busy schedule as a student at University of Maryland, College Park.


Where Are They Now: For Smruti Hariprakasha, Science Runs in the Family

Smruti presents at the Student Poster Days event.

In retrospect, it’s not surprising that Smruti Hariprakasha, the daughter of two scientists, ended up at the National Cancer Institute as a Werner H. Kirsten intern. She says that the family profession spurred her interest in science from an early age, and her experiences on the NCI at Frederick campus, such as attending Take Your Child to Work Day with her parents when she was young, helped her feel at home when she began her internship. 


First EOP Open House a Success; Second to be Held in Building 549 Today

 Two volunteers test out the hand boiler to see how it works.

The first open house event for the Office of Scientific Operations’ (OSO) Educational Outreach Program (EOP), held at the Advanced Technology Research Facility (ATRF), was a success according to program coordinator Cathy Cullen. “We had more volunteers sign up in person than in response to the emails, and it was a lot more fun, too.”



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