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Frequently Asked Questions for Core Services

  • How do I find out if my Core Service Request for Cancer Research Technology Program (CRTP) qualifies for subsidy funds from the CCR Office of Science and Technology Resources (OSTR)?
    • The OSTR Subsidy Program is a funding source provided exclusively to CCR investigators for projects involving innovative technologies, often involving higher risk or pilot studies conducted with the laboratories associated with the CRTP. Please click here to learn more about OSTR funding.
  • How do I find out if my Core Service Request qualifies for partial funding through the Frederick National Lab Office of the Director Research Support (ODRS)?
    • Please click here to review the criteria for ODRS funding. If you choose this funding option, you should also indicate whether or not your request is affiliated with CCR.
  • Why does Finance need to approve a Core Services Request from a non-NCI Requester after the Fiscal Approver approves the Core Services Request?
    • Finance needs to approve non-NCI Requester Core Services Requests to confirm that funding is available based on prior CSAS approvals, amount approved, amount remaining to be billed from prior approvals, updated cost to date figures including indirect burdens, and funding expiration dates.
  • As a Service Provider, how can I add a new core service to the Shared Service Catalog?
    • Send an email requesting a new core service code with description and pricing information to Debbie Christ and Cynda Burkett, and copy your program manager.
  • Can a service provider add or remove a core service at any time during the fiscal year?
  • How often are core services updated in the Shared Service catalog?
    • Core services are updated each fiscal year. However, services and pricing may change throughout the fiscal year.
  • As the Requester, how can I request a new core service?
    • Contact the service provider to inquire/discuss whether the new service can be done.
  • What should I do if more than one service provider needs to be involved in order to complete my request?
    • In the event your request entails the coordination of multiple service providers, one provider will take the lead on the request and collaborate with other service providers to gather the necessary details and cost estimate for each involved service provider. The service area you choose will determine which program will take the lead for your request.
  • Who do I contact if I have any questions or concerns about the process of submitting your Core Service Request?
  • Who do I contact at the NCI for questions regarding the Scope of Work?
  • Who is the Fiscal Approver?
    • The Fiscal Approver is the owner of the Project ID who is responsible for ensuring that requested services are billed to the appropriate funding source.