April 2019

What’s the Buzz About? Fly Research Leads to Unexpected Epilepsy Discovery

Image of flies inside a transparent container in the Cancer and Developmental Biology Laboratory

Govind Kunduri, Ph.D., watched as a bright light illuminated a transparent tube full of mutant fruit flies. Then, as he prepared to collect data, something unexpected occurred: the flies began having seizures. The flies’ surprising behavior seemed epileptic, but Kunduri, a postdoctoral fellow in the Cancer and Developmental Biology Laboratory (CDBL), part of the Center for Cancer Research at NCI at Frederick, hadn’t intended to study epilepsy.


Operations and Maintenance April Newsletter

Operations and Maintenance Summer Activities

Summertime is coming, and with it, warmer temperatures—so get out there and enjoy it. The Operations and Maintenance (O&M) department has talented individuals dedicated to maintaining your air conditioning equipment for maximum efficiency. Our staff are always ready to address issues, even in the dog days of summer. Please be assured that we are working diligently to keep you comfortable.


Howard Young Receives Mentoring Award from Women Scientists Advisors

Howard Young with the Women Scientist Advisors

Howard Young, Ph.D., has received many awards during his tenure at NCI at Frederick—but the latest could be among the most meaningful. At the recent NCI Principal Investigators Retreat, Young was given the 2019 Mentoring Award by the Women Scientists Advisors (WSA), a group that supports and promotes career development for women in science.


Two Investigators—One Aspiring and One Retiring—Share Discovery, Legacy, and Connection

Dr. Dennis Klinman stands with Begum Horuluoglu in their NCI at Frederick laboratory

Dennis Klinman, M.D., Ph.D., says science is like the surface of a sphere—there are thousands of possible connections between different points. It is fitting, therefore, that on the eve of his retirement, the senior investigator has helped a young scientist connect with her passion.


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