October 2019

Top Tips, Resources, and Services from the Scientific Library

The Scientific Library at NCI at Frederick provides resources and services to support cutting-edge cancer, AIDS, and infectious disease research, and the librarians and informationists are ready to guide researchers to any information they need. Within the past year, two new staff members began working at the Scientific Library: Biosciences Informationist Matt Stirling and Public Services Librarian Joelle Mornini. Librarian Tracie Frederick, who has been with the Scientific Library for 12 years, also stepped into the role of Library Director in 2018. 

U.S.–Chinese Research Team Explains the Link Between Diabetes and Severe Brain Cancer

Scientists at NCI at Frederick, the Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research, and four Chinese institutions have uncovered why glioblastoma, the deadliest form of brain cancer, is more aggressive in diabetic patients than nondiabetic patients. The team’s paper asserts that high amounts of a sugar called glucose trigger multiple biological processes that snowball to increase glioblastoma’s aggressiveness.