Second RAS Symposium Brings Together World’s Leading RAS Scientists

Photo of day one of the Second RAS Symposium

From December 6–8, the Advanced Technology Research Facility of the Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research was abuzz with conversation and collaboration as nearly 450 scientists, academics, and industry partners gathered for the Second RAS Initiative Symposium. Attendees hailed from 14 nations, dozens of institutions, and diverse scientific backgrounds, but they shared a common purpose: to present and discuss their research on RAS genes and cancer.


NCI Helps Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia to Identify and Treat New Target in Pediatric Cancer

Artist's depiction of the antibody-drug conjugate bound to GPC2

There may be a new, more effective method for treating high-risk neuroblastoma, according to scientists at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and collaborators in the Cancer and Inflammation Program at NCI at Frederick. Together, the groups published a study describing a previously unrecognized protein on neuroblastoma cells, called GPC2, as well as the creation of a novel antibody-drug conjugate, a combination of a human antibody and a naturally occurring anticancer drug, that locates and binds to GPC2 in a highly efficient way.


NIH–Lacks Family Partnership Gives Henrietta Lacks’ Descendants a Seat at the Table

From left to right: NIH Director Francis S. Collins, Ph.D., M.D.; Jeri Lacks-Whye; and David Lacks, Jr.

The NIH Bethesda campus recently welcomed several special guests for a presentation titled Given a Voice: Update on the NIH–Lacks Family Partnership. Henrietta Lacks’ grandchildren Jeri Lacks-Whye (who is also the Lacks family spokesperson) and David Lacks, Jr. came to speak with NIH Director Francis S. Collins, Ph.D., M.D. about the importance of protecting patients and their families.



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